Join the Paper Plate Campaign!

There is no better way for local legislators and the media to understand the hardships faced by millions of Ohioans than to hear from the Ohioans who are currently faced with making tough choices. To give a glimpse into the lives of what a staggering number of Ohioans are facing because of the Great Recession, we are asking that you join with us in the Paper Plate Campaign!

The Paper Plate Campaign is an opportunity for Ohioans to share personal stories regarding their daily lives and the trials they are facing. We ask that your organization distribute paper plates to your clients and ask them to write down their current situation, including the choices their family has been forced to make and what would happen if they did not have access to a foodbank or food pantry.

OASHF will provide all participating organizations with paper plates, writing utensils, and prepaid postage to send back the completed paper plates. This truly is a powerful way to visually show the critical need for state funding and what could happen if funding is no longer provided. So learn more about the Paper Plate Campaign and join us today!