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Making the Switch: A Guide for converting to a Client Choice Pantry

While shopping for groceries, we often take for granted the choices we are able to make. With a wide variety of foods to choose from, we have control over our purchases. However, this is not a freedom that clients of most Ohio food pantries are able to enjoy. Rather, the food pantry clients of traditional pantries are restricted to obtaining pre-selected food items which, oftentimes, the client and his or her family neither wants nor can consume due to dietary restrictions or preparatory limitations. This method of distributing pre-chosen food to needy families is a direct result of diminishing resources and time constraints since the inception of food pantries in the 1980s. As pantries were forced to limit the amount of food distributed to clients, choosing items for them became necessary.

The guide above will demonstrate how easy it is to convert to a client choice pantry.

Hunger in Ohio

Hunger in Ohio is an attempt by OASHF to give a snap shot of the individuals, families and seniors who access the emergency food assistance network. Each year we see an increase in the population of working poor and seniors who choose daily between meds and food. Please take time to read the stories in each survey and walk a mile in their shoes.

Hunger in Ohio 2006  

The Food Chain

How food gets into the emergency food assistance network and its sources.

Ohio Food Purchase and Agricultural Clearance Program

Funded by the Ohio General Assembly through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. To find out more about this program, please follow this link.

Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks Programs Manuel

Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Manuel

Ohio Food Program Manual

The Benefit Banker: The monthly newsletter for Ohio’s Benefit Bank sites


Is it a good job? A good school? Medicine? Good Housing? Benefits?

The Coalition on Housing and Homelessness in Ohio (COHHIO) is asking what YOU need this election season with a poster that features real Ohioans with real needs. “We’re hoping people who visit nonprofits around the state will identify with the poster,” says COHHIO advocacy director, Cathy Johnston.

“These needs are common to us or to people we know and care about. To cast real people and real needs in the context of voting we think will be effective.” The poster concept was a collective effort that grew from various interactions with consumers at nonprofits in Columbus. In addition to posters, OhioVotes, a project of COHHIO, is making available to nonprofits a variety of materials (call 1.888.886.8364 to order). Read more in the October 2006 edition.

 September 2006

Earned Income Tax Credit

In collaboration with the National League of Cities, the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks produced a booklet explaining the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program, and how city officials and individuals can help to promote this program.  This EITC provides low-income working individuals and families with a refundable credit.  The Give Ohio a Boost: Promote the Earned Income Tax Credit provides information on who can receive this credit, what income levels can participate, what the maximum refund may be, as well as filing information and local contacts in Ohio.  Included below is Qualifying Children Residency Statement, IRS Form 8836 applicants will need to file with the IRS to receive this credit.  IRS Form 8836 will replace IRS Form 8856.  (IRS From 8836 is currently under review by the IRS but will posted shortly.)

Give Ohio A Boost:  Promote the Earned Income Tax Credit

IRS Form 8836, Qualifying Children Residency

For more information about the Earned Income Tax Credit, please contact your local Internal Revenue Service or go here.

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