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Food banks put surplus crops to good use
WKYC in Cleveland

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Foodbank holds farmer's markets across NE Ohio

The Cleveland Foodbank is collecting surplus crops from Ohio farmers, and running farmer's markets at sites throughout Northeast Ohio.
Anyone who comes to a farmer's market can get a box or bag filled with fresh produce for free.
"It's great," says Sara Pettit, a farmer's market volunteer. "The people are hurting. They need the food."
The Cleveland Foodbank has given out 1 million more pounds of food so far this year as compared to this time last year, and the farmer's markets help keep up with demand.
They started at nine sites last year and that number has grown to 13. The food bank expects to distribute 4 million pounds of produce this summer.
"One thing we have been seeing is increased need across the board," says Karen Ponza, a Cleveland Foodbank spokeswoman. "When we talk to our member agencies, they're seeing a lot of people coming in for the first time. A lot more elderly who have to choose between buying medicine or buying food. A lot more working poor who are on the brink of not being able to pay utilities or get their food."
Now thanks to the farmer's markets, people in need can get food with added value.
"The Cleveland Food Bank is always looking for ways to get more produce out, more nutritious food out to people who need it."
For more information on the Cleveland Foodbank and the farmer's markets, call (216) 738-2265.

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