Community Conversations


Lester Lynd

Shared Harvest Foodbank - Representative Peter Beck and 30 community members were in attendance at the Community Conversation held on January 28, 2011. Representative Beck spoke about how in this great nation, it is unbelievable that our children cannot get enough to eat. One of those children, he said, could be the one to cure cancer. Children need to have the chance to be great.  LISTEN to Lester Lynd of Lynd Farms talk about the importance of the Ohio Agriculture Clearance Program through the eyes of a farmer.

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Freestore Foodbank - Senator Eric Kearney, Senator Bill Seitz and 30 community members attended the January 28, 2011 Community Conversation. A client of the St. Leo's Food Pantry talked about how not long ago she was 9 months pregnant and just out of a shelter when she found the Freestore Foodbank. She was able to get food and helped to get enrolled in college part-time. She is now employed as a financial aid office at the college, but still considers herself "working poor" because she needs help providing food for her children.

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MidOhio Foodbank - Representative Cheryl Grossman, Representative Mike Duffy, Representative Andrew Brenner, Representative John Patrick Carney and Representative Ted Celeste, along with over 100 community members attended the January 31, 2011 Community Conversation. Irene spoke to her experience as a business support professional in the healthcare, bioscience and banking industries. She stated that there are many realities to being unemployed, including the fact that individuals exhaust all resources until there is no choice other than to visit a food pantry.  LISTEN to Barb Packer of Lutheran Social Services or LISTEN to Mary Jane Gard of Adult Protective Services and former pantry client.

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Second Harvest Foodbank of Clark, Champaigne and Logan Counties - Representative Robert Hackett and 30 community members were in attendance for the February 4, 2011 event. Dr. Duffee of Rocking Horse Center said that children who grow up food insecure do not develop the neuropaths that allow the brain to signal tot he stomach that they are full which leads to older children and adults overeating. He went on to say that Ohio's budget is a moral document and that we are judged by those we care for who are in need.

LISTEN to Dianna Carol Ogdem of the NCC Springfield Metropolitan Housing Authority.

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Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank - Senators Frank LaRose and Representative Slaby, Representative McKenney, Representative Roegner and Representative Clyde, along with over 40 community members were at the February 7, 2011 community conversation. Representative McKenney was a pastor at a chapel where they had a pantry and explained that there was a 10% gap in their budget. He had to look in all areas and said it was like choosing among his own children. He said that is the same feeling that he has now that he is a lawmaker and said that our best argument is that the safety net got hit hard in the last budget.

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Second Harvest Foodbank of Southeastern Ohio - Representative Debbie Phillips, Representative Bill Hayes, representatives from the office of Senator Sherrod Brown and over 50 community members attended the February 11, 2011 community conversation. A food pantry volunteer spoke about living through the depression and now having to listen to politicians exploit the idea that one day we will export the same amount we import. He continued by expressing that the area needs manufacturing jobs back because people are not lazy, rather the government keeps sending jobs away.

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Medina County Community Conversation - Representative Dave Hall was joined with over 70 community members for the February 14, 2011 Community Conversation. Representative Hall shared that "I was 10 years old before I understood that you were supposed to put milk and not water on your breakfast cereal. Our children should not have to worry about their stomachs rumbling during school and worry about what food is left at home. I am here on behalf of Speaker Batchelder and I am going to take that information back to them."

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The Foodbank, Inc. Community Conversation - Senator Peggy Lehner, Representative Jarrod Martin and Representative Roland Wilburn, along with 30 community members were in attendance at the February 25, 2011 event. An event partcipant talked to the group about what needs to be thought of going into the state budget. He stated that "hunger shows no favoritism toward age, gender, race, body size, or health condition. Whatever the situation, people need to eat."

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West Ohio Food Bank Community Conversation - Over 20 concerned of western Ohio attended the February 28, 2011 community conversation. A CSFP recipient, who is diabetic and living on Social Security, talked about managing life on a daily basis and the help she receives. "It just helps," she said regarding her monthly box of food. "I worked and thought it was enough, but it's not. The box ... give me food so that I can buy those other things [toiletries]."

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Second Harvest Foodbank of North Central Ohio Community Conversation - Representative Matt Lundy, representatives from the Office of Senator Sherrod Brown, Congresswoman Betty Sutton and over 60 community stakeholders attended the March 11, 2011 event. Representative Lundy explained, "You dont do more with less. You do less with less. You are in the front lines and you really see what is going on ... you have to come to Columbus and tell your story."

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Second Harvest Foodbank of the Mahoning Valley Community Conversation - Senator Capri Cafaro and SEnator Joe Schiavoni, Representative Gerberry, Representative O'Brien and a representative from Congressman Bill Johnson's office were joined by over 40 community stakeholders for the March 14, 2011 event. A pantry client talked about the impact of fresh produce at food distributions. The client said that at a time when most are talking to one another about just how bad times have gotten, the fresh produce changes the conversation. Many stand and talk about the memories of yesterday and what they made the last time they had the certain fruit or vegetable. The client said that the produce gives people hope for a better tomorrow.

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New Philadelphia Community Conversation - Senator Jason Wilson and Congressman Bob Gibb's State Director were joined by 25 community members for the March 18, 2011 Community Conversation. Senator Wilson spoke specifically about the paper plates that were brought to the event, representing the thousands of silent voices that are affected by food pantries and soup kitchens. He stated that "there is no better example than food banks as a community effort to support people."

Cleveland Foodbank - Lake County - Community Conversation - Senator Grendell, Representative Fende and nearly 70 community stakeholders were on hand for the March 21, 2011 event. Senator Grendell gave kudos to The Cleveland Foodbank, stating "that if there was ever an organization that gets the most out of a dime and a dollar, it's The Cleveland Foodbank." He stated that as a state, we need to maximize the public investment over expense.

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