Logos and Images

Thank you for your interest in our logos and images. Please see the OASHF Usage Guide for requirements and specifics concerning use of logos and/or images.

*Solutions for Progress, Inc. (SfP) owns The Benefit Bank (TBB), and gives permission to you to access The Benefit Bank online services and use related training materials and services. SfP permits use of its trademarks and logos on materials you create to advertise TBB or train people to use TBB provided they follow the requirements of the most recent TBB Style Guide. If you do use the trademarks or logos on material you create, you agree to add a footnote stating that The Benefit Bank is the registered trademark of Solutions for Progress, Inc. and that TBB, OBB and The Benefit Bank logo are the trademarks and service marks of Solutions for Progress, Inc.

**The OASHF logo and OASHF program logos are only available for download and use by partnering agencies, organizations, supporters, donors and funders. At no point can the OASHF logo and/or any of its program logos be sold, modified, or licensed. As a standard practice, your logo must be present alongside the OASHF logo or any of its program logos on material that is distributed to the general public.