Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Alliance


What is the Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Alliance?

The Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Alliance is an innovative partnership between the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks, the agricultural community, food processors and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. It creates a link between the farm commodity producers, processors, foodbanks and emergency food assistance providers.

What are its goals?

The Production Alliance is a collaborative effort with the primary goal of producing nutritious, fresh produce, shelf-stable food products and improved storage capacity to feed hungry Ohioans. Other goals include:

  • Supporting Ohio agriculture and the family farmer by providing an economic boost to the Ohio farm industry.

  • Building strong relationships between growers, commodity producers, food processors, and the foodbank network.

  • Building the capacity of the emergency food provider system to acquire, store, and distribute food products.

  • Providing support to small, local businesses working with canners and processors.

What are the program benefits?

The Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks has the resources to make donating surplus products fast, easy and beneficial by:

  • Arranging to have donated products picked up promptly.

  • Reimbursing growers, packers and processors for the services needed to prepare the donations.

  • Creating positive public relations for producers as they join in the fight against hunger and food waste.

  • Reducing overhead costs of hauling and landfill disposal.

  • Potential tax deductions.


How can you participate?

Here are ways growers and processors can offset some of your costs:

  • Donating surplus agricultural commodities.

  • Donating company services required to clean, package and otherwise turn usable food items into shelf stable products.

  • Donating transportation and storage services.

Here’s how the Alliance works:

As an Ohio farm commodity processor or service provider, simply call the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks (614.221.4336) whenever you have surplus products.  The Association will make arrangements to pick up or deliver your donated food to Ohio Foodbanks.

If you currently have surplus product, please contact Erin Wright, 614.221.4336.


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