The Ohio Food Purchase Program

File Name File Type File Size The Ohio Food Purchase program is, at its core, a purchasing program. It receives bids, awards contracts and distributes food to foodbanks for distribution to emergency food providers. The purpose of OFP is to make nutritious shelf-stable and protein products available to foodbanks to complement other products acquired through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), local donations, and America’s Second Harvest Foodbank network. The program began in State Fiscal Year 1998/1999 with a $1.5 million allocation from the Ohio General Assembly. Today, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODFJS) serves as the contract manager for the program. Through cooperation of ODJFS with OASHF, member foodbanks, and food manufacturers, OFP feeds millions of hungry Ohioans.

Since its inception in the 1998/1999 State Budget, over 41.4 million pounds of food, representing 32.3 million meals, has been distributed to millions of hungry Ohioans.

OFP has become a dynamic resource for the emergency food system in Ohio. In conjunction with OACP it successfully supplements food resources, providing fresh produce, quality shelf-stable food and protein items for low-income Ohioans. 85 percent of the households receiving this food will be households with incomes below the poverty level. More than 37.7 percent of the individuals served with this food will be children, based on state fiscal year 2007 quarterly services statistics. Almost one-third of the individuals served with this food will be low-income elderly or disabled persons. Read more.


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