The TANF Box Program

The pilot program for the TANF Box Program was initiated in response to the Ohio flooding created by Hurricanes Frances and Ivan, and the winter storms experienced across Ohio in December of 2004 by OASHF in conjunction with Governor Bob Taft, ODJFS and the local County Department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) in 9 counties. This program was funded through a $1 million grant provided to OASHF from ODJFS.

In SFY 2007 OASHF was honored to once again partner with the State of Ohio through executive order of former Governor Taft, ODJFS and the local CDJFS to implement a permanent grant for the TANF Box Program at a funding level of $1.5 million. As an addition to the core programs OASHF offers to help moderate to low income Ohioans this program provides food and personal care items to TANF/OWF eligible families with children who may not qualify Food Stamps. Together the regional foodbank and local CDJFS’ notified families that this service was available for them to help supplement their income. This program now includes all 88 counties. 250,500 sets of boxes were to assembled by the Cleveland Foodbank, Inc., the FreestoreFoodbank, the Mid-Ohio FoodBank, and the Second Harvest Foodbank of Clark, Champaign & Logan Counties then distributed to the remaining eight regional foodbanks. Each set consisted of three boxes. Two food boxes contained food staples including corn flakes, Oatmeal, fruit juices, soup, beans, ravioli, beef stew, tuna, spaghetti, chili, applesauce, Mac & Cheese, peanut butter, canned vegetables, and instant mashed potatoes. OFP vendors were used to provide the product for this program. One box provided personal care items including toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, shampoo, toilet paper, and laundry detergent.

In SFY 2008 the TANF Box Program funding remains at $1.5 million. Though the contents and number of boxes has changed the spirit of the program remains the same. With the help of regional foodbanks throughout the state, OSAHF will offer a TANF Protein Box.  Items in the box include: canned ham, peanut butter, canned chicken, pinto beans, and rice. The box will provide a family with 220 servings of food to supplement their grocery needs.  This program offers assistance to moderate to low income families who are receiving help through any program operated by CDJFS office which are funded through Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.(TANF). Together the regional foodbank and local CDJFS’  will notify families that this service will be available to supplement their income. 25,500 boxes will be assembled by the Cleveland Foodbank, Inc. and the Freestore Foodbank which will be distributed to the regional foodbanks. Distribution of all boxes is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2008.



TANF Grocery Box Eligibility Form 08/09

TANF Inventory Reports Foodbank 08/09