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Child Care

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Child Care  
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Food Stamps #2  

Filing your taxes

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If by increasing a familyís access to medical visits and prescription coverage they donít have to choose between food and medicine...

If by helping a senior citizen apply for utility assistance they can avoid having to choose between food and heat...

 If we at the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks can be the link between your agency and a new tool that helps make those things possible...then we are ready to fill that role.

Which is why the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks along with VISTA's located across the state at the 12 regional America's Second Harvest Foodbanks, are pleased to offer The Benefit Bank, a free internet program that offers agencies the ability to facilitate applications for state and federal aid programs providing income enhancement opportunities for clients.

At each Foodbank we know that the compassion and commitment you offer people in need creates a unique opportunity for them to reach out to someone that they trust to get the support they need but is often difficult and demoralizing to apply for.

The problem of hunger is larger than one solution, but we have seen our member agencies translate caring into doing, encouragement into achievement. In support of your commitment we offer you a new tool that we believe can help close the gap between the difficulty of asking and the dignity of self sufficiency.

Please take a moment to look over The Benefit Bank information and see the kinds of opportunities it has to offer our member agencies, and when you are ready to host a TBB site we are ready to help make that happen.

The Benefit Bank:

  An Income Enhancement Program Providing easier access to: 
  • Food Stamps

  • Healthy Start/ Healthy Families

  • Title XX Child Care Subsidy

  • Ohio Works First

  • Medicare Savings Program

  • HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)

  • Voter Registration

  As well as State and Federal Tax Credits:
  • Earned Income Credit

  • Child and Additional Child Tax Credits

  • Child and Dependant Care Credit

  • Hope Education Credit

  • Lifetime Learning Credit

  • Back State and Federal Return

  TBB also runs a complete tax program:
  • For any household making less than $45,000/yr.

  • E-file completed tax forms for Free

  • With Direct Deposit get your refund in days


For more information about The Benefit Bank please contact: Dustin Speakman (614) 221.4336 or visit the national site The Benefit Bank.